The Georgia Sports Car Club is a non-profit club whose members enjoy spending an afternoon wandering the countryside of northern Georgia, led by the directions of an experienced rallymaster. Our rallies are of both the trap and non-trap variety. Our rally designers are very good at finding routes that everyone from a novice to an experienced rallyist will enjoy.

Not familiar with TSD road rallies? Check our links page for more information.

Next event

Spring Rally - Summer Rally - Take Five! - July 19

The rally will be a traditional Time Speed Distance rally with a blend of traditional manned and DIYC checkpoints. The entry fee is $15 / car. the rally is about 80 miles long plus a 13 mile ODO run … it will take a little less than 3 hours to run and includes a mid rally break.

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Rally starts at MIa's Pizza, 911 Market Place Boulevard, Cumming, GA

Last event

Results for May's rally, Next Rally, are in the Results section.

Social Sites

GSCC is on and Facebook Join the group to hear about upcoming events, share pictures, and introduce your friends to rallying.

Custom rallies

We have put on rallies for many organizations, including Atlanta Red Cross, Chateau Elan, and the Alfa Romeo national convention. Email us at and let us know how we can help you.


Membership is $20 per year. Membership and participation revenue is used for club expenses. GSCC is a non-profit club.

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